Movie Premier for Windows 8

ShuGr Media has developed the Movie Premier for Windows 8 application to cater to the home entertainment and movie enthusiast who desires to have a native Windows 8 movie player and media library browser. Movie Premier for Windows 8 has been designed to provide the best possible user experience. Key features include:

  • Support for multi-disc movies, box sets, and TV series
  • Download and display movie and TV series posters and backdrops
  • Edit title information
  • Ability to select multiple items to perform bulk actions
  • Added support for MCE remote controls
  • Create your own movie and TV series groups
  • Ability to submit questions and feedback directly from the Movie Premier for Windows 8 app
  • Performance tested for media libraries containing more than 10,000 titles
  • Customizable home page
  • Download and display movie posters and backdrops
  • Flexible and automated folder monitoring to integrate with any type of directory and archiving structure
  • Stream movies to your DLNA devices such as TVs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, blu-ray players, dvd players and more using the Play To feature
  • Automated movie synchronization and artwork download provided by an online movie and TV series meta-data provider
  • Ability to specify directories to include or exclude in your movie library
  • Support for local, server, and NAS based collections
  • Import existing movie meta-data from other meta-data providers
  • Search for movies based on key words, actors, titles and many other key attributes
  • Resume playback for any movie which has been recently viewed

Please refer to the Movie Premier for Windows 8 for more information. For support or feature requests, please use our user forum.