Windows 8 Network Troubleshooting

genysis miningbuy term paperessay writing serviceMovie Premier for Windows 8 requires all of your media to be accessible via a network (wired or wireless). In the event you are unable to connect to your network devices from your Windows 8 device, the following steps may help identify the issue.

If you are able to access your network devices but are having file sharing issues, refer to the Windows 8 HomeGroup Setup page.

  1. Verify you have a valid network connection for each device by attempting one of the following steps (complete these steps on your Windows 8 device and the device you are trying to connect with)
    1. Try connecting to the internet or if you do not expose your devices to the internet, try accessing another machine or device on your network
      • If you are unable to connect, attempt the next step to further narrow down the issue
    2. Launch a command prompt and enter the ipconfig command
      • Verify a valid IP address is listed for the connection type you are trying to use (wired or wireless)
        • If no IP address is listed, submit the ipconfig /release /all command
        • Once the command completes, attempt to submit the ipconfig /renew /all command and confirm it completes successfully
          • If the command does not complete, try resetting your network provider modem and/or your router as your device was unable to obtain a valid IP address
          • Once reset, try resubmitting the ipconfig /renew /all command
          • If you are still unable to connect, contact your network provider and/or router support for assistance
  2. Verify your network connection type
    • Be sure your Start screen is active
    • Bring up the Charm Bar and select Search
      • Type “Control Panel” into the Search box
    • Alternatively, type “Control Panel” directly from the Start screen
    • Click the Control Panel app located in the Apps search results list
      • This will be listed within the Windows System group
    • Click the Network and Sharing Center option from within Control Panel
      • This will list all of your network connections
    • Verify the connection type is set to Private Network for your connection
    • If your connection is set to something other than Private Network, you can perform the following steps to change it
      1. For Windows 8 Pro users, complete the following:
        • Enter Winkey + R to open a Run prompt and run the gpedit.msc command by typing it into the command line and hitting enter
        • Navigate to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Setting > Network List Manager Policies
        • Choose your network connection
        • Select the Network Location tab
        • Change the setting to Private
        • This is not required, but you may also want to change your Network Name to something more descriptive while you are here to more easily identify which network you are connecting to
        • Click Apply and then OK to save your changes
      2. For non-Pro users of Windows 8, complete the following:
        • Open Notepad
        • Copy and paste the following code into Notepad:

          Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

          [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Signatures\EveryNetwork]

          • NOTE: When you paste the content above into notepad, make sure you have a blank line after the Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 and remove any extra spaces at the beginning of each line. Every line should be left-justified. You should end up with 4 lines in the file, one of which is blank.
        • Save the file as UpdateNetworkCon.reg anywhere on your device
        • Find the file you just saved and double click on it to import the settings
        • You should now be able to go into the Network and Sharing Center from above and click on the Network Location to change it
          • Change the Network Location setting to Private
          • This is not required, but you may also want to change your Network Name to something more descriptive while you are here to more easily identify which network you are connecting to
  3. Repeat this process for each Windows device experiencing network issues

If you have confirmed your network and homegroup are working properly and want Movie Premier for Windows 8 to have access to your network media, please vist the Windows 8 Network Libary Setup page for instructions on setting up network libraries.

If you are still unable to connect to your network devices, please refer to your network provider documentation and the Microsoft support site. If you have other support questions or would like to see if other users have had similar issues, please submit them in our user forum.

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