Windows 8 Media Library Setup

Movie Premier for Windows 8 can automatically access media that has been made accessible from your Windows 8 Videos library. The media can be located locally or on your network. This does not mean you need to move all your files to a new location, but you will need to register your media locations within the Windows 8 library.

If you need to add network device locations to your library, read the Windows 8 Nework Library Setup page for detailed instructions.

The following steps will show you how to set up your local media for use in Windows 8 libraries. This can be done by copying content into your library folder or registering your content locations with the appropriate Library.

Option 1: Copy content directly into the Windows 8 library

  • Navigate to the Windows 8 desktop
  • Launch a File Explorer
  • Navigate to the Videos library located at C:\Users\<user>\Videos
    • Replace <user> above with the name of the user you are logged into Windows 8 as
  • Copy content from other locations directly into the Videos directory

Option 2: Register content locations within your Windows 8 library

  • Navigate to the Windows 8 desktop
  • Launch a File Explorer
  • Right click on the Videos library and select Properties
  • Under the Library Locations list, click the Add button
  • Navigate to the folder you want to add and select it
  • Click the Include Folder button and click OK
  • Repeat this process for each folder location you wish to have available for the Movie Premier app

Remember, if you do not wish to use Windows 8 libraries, you can always make your media available by manually adding movies and folders to your collection.

You should now have your local content accessible via your Windows 8 library. If you have other support questions, please submit them in our user forum.