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We take pride in our ability to continuously deliver value through regular release cycles while looking ahead to where the home entertainment market is heading. If you have comments or suggestions, please submit them in our user forum or send an email to

Upcoming Release Information

Version Release Date Release Features

Previous Release Information

Version Release Date Release Features
2.0.1 October 1, 2014 Fixed:

  • Rewinding to the beginning of a movie would exit the player
  • Fix to disable offline items when clicking the Play button (
  • Fix to display No Items Found when a filter or search returns no results (
  • Grouping by Release Year not functioning properly (
  • Initial collection load would not replace the No Items Found screen and required a restart (

Added Support:

  • Ability to change sort direction for items and groups
  • Ability to configure default item and group sort direction for sortable fields
  • Ability to configure default item and group sort direction for custom views
  • Ability to configure system playlists as viewable on the Home screen
  • Ability to configure custom playlists as viewable on the Home screen
  • Ability to create groups using Drag and Drop
  • Ability to add additional items to a group using Drag and Drop
  • Ability to automatically submit a problem from the item detail page and player page with debugging information
  • Ability to filter based on Aspect Ratio and Resolution (
2.0.0 April 17, 2014 Fixed:

  • Truncating movie names during load
  • Issue including a USB drive folder (
  • Issue with touch enabled selection when viewing items in a group (
  • Issue with custom view as startup page (
  • Validation of custom extensions formatting (
  • Fixed display of TV posters while not conntected to a network (
  • Performance fix for the ALL videos setting within a view (
  • Fix for app crash while switching between multiple apps (
  • Fix for local TV Show posters (
  • Fix for sharing data across multiple instances of Movie Premier (
  • Fixed reading of Microsoft local license cache for offline use (
  • Fixed reading of subtitle files with unrecognized character sets (
  • Fixed issue with reading duplicate files on certain drive types (

Added Support:

  • Support for multiple app languages and downloading localized meta-data
  • Support for subtitles
  • Edit full title information
  • Support for Parental Controls
  • Create your own custom playlists, groups, filters, and views
  • Control your video playback rate
  • Enhanced user interface and layout
  • Ability to exclude specific library subfolders (
  • Added ability to mark a video as watched (
  • Added support for Spanish and French languages (
  • Added support for German and Hindi languages (
  • Added additional folder and file name support (
  • Added more support for snapped view while playing a video (
  • Added support for Japanese and Simplified Chinese languages (
1.1.0 April 19, 2013 Fixed:

  • Application exit on playback completion

Added Support:

  • Support for importing, synchronizing, and displaying TV series
  • Support for multi-disc movies and box sets
  • Ability to select multiple movies to perform bulk actions
  • Ability to select posters for individual items
  • Ability to add file extensions for inclustion in your collection
  • Added support for MCE remote controls
  • Ability to submit questions and feedback directly from the Movie Premier for Windows 8 app
  • Ability to edit item titles
  • Ability to create custom groups
  • Ability to remove advertising
  • Enhanced live tile features
  • Added views for Decade and Movie/TV Series
  • Added collection statistics report
1.0.1 February 28, 2013 Fixed:

  • Ability for NAS based content to be added as a network drive

Added Support:

  • Added ability to add individual local folders, network folders, and individual movie folders
  • Added support for existing collection backdrop image files to include <file name>-backdrop.jpg, <file name>-art.jpg, <file name>-background.jpg, <file name>-fanart.jpg, backdrop, art.jpg, background.jpg, and fanart.jpg
  • Added ability to specify a custom application background
1.0.0 February 15, 2013
  • Initial release of Movie Premier for Windows 8

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