ShuGr Media helps home entertainment enthusiasts organize, browse, and use their media through innovative, intuitive, and visually appealing user interfaces. We provide products focused on the integration and automation of digital audio and visual media catering to all types of environments and users; from simple to complex, organized or unstructured – we have a solution to meet the need.

What Makes Us Different

Customer Commitment: ShuGr Media is driven to improve our users’ ability to experience their home entertainment environment in the best way possible. Each user is a partner in the mission to successfully drive innovation into new and existing products. User feedback and feature requests are considered and included in every product release.

Our People: ShuGr Media’s most important asset is the people who contribute to the research, development, and support of products. Their commitment to excellence along with domain and technical expertise help us lead with way with innovative products and sharp customer focus.

Technology: ShuGr Media views technology as the avenue to facilitate the use of media and contribute to the home entertainment experience. ShuGr Media is constantly evaluating opportunities to seek out the best possible technology to improve the way in which users interact with the entertainment environment.

Contact Details

ShuGr Media is based in Cary, North Carolina. Please use our user forum for your support and information needs. If you require additional support not provided by our forums, please contact us at